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Oh hey we doin this thing? Probably haven't been around for it enough yet, but question meme for TWILIGHT SPARKLE in case anyone wants first impressions and such!
brotagonist: Lloyd: skitface; neutral/derp (#ddderp.)

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First impressions on Shadow?
brotagonist: Lloyd: neutral/demanding (you don't know what you're missing)

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SHADOW LIKES TWILIGHT SPARKLE A LOT. She is the first new member of Peridot since Lelouch, and Lelouch was when it established the PERIDOTS ALL BELONG TO PERIDOT REGARDLESS OF NEWNESS mentality, so it approached her from more of a direction of... "I will invest a bit of time in you despite new person, to see if this works out!" And this paid off, she was very nice to it and answered questions and let it piggyback on her shadow when it was drunk. Very strong positive first impression! It would be happy to ASK HER QUESTIONS FOREVER.

Do you think Peridot will be able to teach Twilight Sparkle to yandere.
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I will ask for first impressions toooooooo \o/
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... IT IS A UNICORN \o/ Also an intelligent unicorn!! MAGIC and SMARTS are both pingsss for Beato and she is glad for more MAGICAL BEINGS FOR PERIDOT. Twilight is somewhere in the middle of "impressionable kid who will believe whatever I say" and "intelligent debate partner" though, and although she likes both of those options they evoke entirely different responses from her :|a So she might wait for her to settle and see which side she ends up falling onto...

is... twilight ever going to know about the death games...