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2011-04-03 07:44 pm

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Oh hey we doin this thing? Probably haven't been around for it enough yet, but question meme for TWILIGHT SPARKLE in case anyone wants first impressions and such!
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2011-03-28 12:39 pm

STARTER MEMORY: running a slumber party off a to-do list

What it is: There is a big storm outside, and two of her friends can't get home. They decide to have a slumber party. LUCKILY TWILIGHT HAS A BOOK ON THE SUBJECT. Rarity and Twilight spend a lot of the night fighting, but Twilight keeps on keepin' on with her to-do list, in the hopes that fun will occur.

She gets the names of a couple friends (Rarity and Applejack)
The fact that it was HER FIRST!!1! is pretty relevant, she gets the feeling that she's a little under-socialized
Sooooo many books
She won't notice it just yet, but she does remember that it's common for unicorns to use their psychokinesis in lieu of having hands. SHE WILL BE DISTRESSED WHEN SHE REALIZES SHE CAN'T DO THIS :'D


+ 25 FRIENDS!!
+ 15 social awkward
2011-03-26 12:29 am


Significant Positive
Defeating Nightmare Moon with THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP and being transferred to Ponyville indefinitely

Significant Neutral
Pinkie Pie's no-fear song Win #1
Dealing with the Ursa Minor
Seeing Princess Celestia raise the sun

Significant Negative

Trivial Positive
Getting five tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala

Trivial Neutral
Attempting to run a sleepover with a to-do list INITIAL MEMORY
Confronting the dragon alone

Trivial Negative
Being sent to Ponyville despite the looming threat of Nightmare Moon
The worst fashion show ever
Everyone trying to get the GGG tickets from her
Tribles episode
Fucking Trixie, man.

Magical Skills
- Winking (teleportation magic)
- Object manipulation (levitation)
- Growing magic (MOSTLY USED FOR ~*~mustaches~*~ aka the BEST SKILL)
- Transformation magic
- Specific spell: GROWING WINGS
- Object locating (specifically gems and stones, can presumably be tweaked to other objects)

Mundane Skills
- ORGANIZATION SKILLZ including intimate knowledge of arcane to-do list prowess
- A WHOLE LOT OF BOOK-LEARNIN' (Equestrian history, astronomy, some taxonomy)
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2011-03-26 12:16 am

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???? // Twilight Sparkle
Age She's still a student but old enough to live on her own. Young adult
Team Peridot!

Height/Build I'm going to say a little under a meter at the whithers, probably another almost foot for her head if she's standing up straight. ETA: team mate pony experts and SCIENCE!!1! has settled her height at about 10 hh, she's far more svelte than your average ACTUAL pony, so we're guessing weight in the 400s range somewhere.
Hair Color/Eye Color Purple, purple, more purple, pink and purple streaks
Notable Traits the icons on her butt is a Cutie Mark, hers is of a pink six-pointed star surrounded by other smaller stars, it means

Other HEY SO SHE'S A BRIGHT PURPLE PONY that's probably notable. She is also a UNICORN her horn is also purple and proably just a little fuzzy since it's the same color as her coat. Her main is purple and ~very silky~ like ~twilight~.

BUT CAN SHE GIVE PONY RIDES: yes, but only for kids and animals. I'm going to put her general comfort at about 80-90 pounds for any sort of sustained ponyriding, 150 with effort and slow going. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED VIA SERIOUS PONY SCIENCE thank you [personal profile] silentknight and [personal profile] inquiry