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???? // Twilight Sparkle
Age She's still a student but old enough to live on her own. Young adult
Team Peridot!

Height/Build I'm going to say a little under a meter at the whithers, probably another almost foot for her head if she's standing up straight. ETA: team mate pony experts and SCIENCE!!1! has settled her height at about 10 hh, she's far more svelte than your average ACTUAL pony, so we're guessing weight in the 400s range somewhere.
Hair Color/Eye Color Purple, purple, more purple, pink and purple streaks
Notable Traits the icons on her butt is a Cutie Mark, hers is of a pink six-pointed star surrounded by other smaller stars, it means

Other HEY SO SHE'S A BRIGHT PURPLE PONY that's probably notable. She is also a UNICORN her horn is also purple and proably just a little fuzzy since it's the same color as her coat. Her main is purple and ~very silky~ like ~twilight~.

BUT CAN SHE GIVE PONY RIDES: yes, but only for kids and animals. I'm going to put her general comfort at about 80-90 pounds for any sort of sustained ponyriding, 150 with effort and slow going. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED VIA SERIOUS PONY SCIENCE thank you [personal profile] silentknight and [personal profile] inquiry


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